Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are the most conventional conveyor system known to human. They are used in transporting heavy to light materials because of its some inherent advantages like safety, economy, versatility, reliability and infinite capacity. Belt conveyors are not only used in transporting raw materials in a production line but they are also used in other industrial applications like packaging, storage and other processing functions. Even ecologically, belt conveyors have proven themselves to be environment friendly when compared to other modes of transport like vehicles running on fuel.

We offer our clients a wide range of premium quality belt conveyors that is used in various industries. The raw material used in fabrication of our belt conveyors is of fine grade and procured from reputed vendors. Our range is available in following specifications:

  • Capacity : 1ton/hr to 500 tons/hr
  • Lengths : 1 meter to 250 meters
  • Types : Inclined, Horizontal, Shuttle, Tripper, Weighing, Timing, bulk feeding, Sorting, Chevron and Sidewall.
  • Special 1: Food grade betting for food processing industries, clitted belts for extra steep applications.
  • Special 2 : Packaging and sorting belt conveyors, with conventional, food grade, Pharmaceutical approved belts, heiginically tested quality, stainless steel construction and GMP models.

Side Wall Conveyors

Side Wall Conveyors are very conveniently used, when bulk quantity of material to be handled and if they are to be elevated in bulk quantity at steeper angles. These can handle virtually any material, i.e. high or low in density, abrasive or non-abrasive, even or un-even particle size or any thing. We offer Apron conveyors from 300 mm width to 1200 mm width. The base can be either conveyor belt or steel slats. We offer all kinds of arrangements that falls in to your requirement. The capacity may be 1 TPH to 500 TPH.

Vehicle Loaders, Portable conveyors

We manufacture and supply best quality vehicle loaders and stackers for loading and unloading of vehicles or stacking of bags and cartoons in the industry. These are supplied with either with fix booms, or hydraulically adjusted booms. In hydraulically adjusted booms, the available minimum and maximum heights are 1.5 mtrs to 4.0 mtrs. Available belt widths are 400 mm to 900 mm, depending upon the application. These can handle up to 600 bags per hr.

Roller Conveyors

We manufacture practically all types of roller conveyors required for different applications. We offer following types –

  • Gravity roller conveyors.
  • Power driven roller conveyors,
  • Manually operated roller conveyors.
It can supply them in any MOC and for any width ( Roller length ).

Bucket Elevators

We manufacture wide range of belt bucket elevators for vertical lift of loose materials. These can handle practically all types of gravel materials and can lift it vertically upwards. We offer these for grains, plastic granules, coal, detergents or for similar applications

  • Types : Positive discharge, Centrifugal discharge and high speed elevators
  • Capacity available : 1 ton / hr to 150 tons / hr
  • Heights : 3 meter to 50 meters.

Drag Chain Conveyors

We manufacture all types of drag chain conveyors for handling of materials. We supply following types of them –

  • Plain conveyors with radler chains – for Oil Industry.
  • Plain radler chain conveyors – for Dry ash handling.
  • Link chain drag conveyors for difficult materials and applications.
  • Bulk flow chain conveyors for grains.

Screw Conveyors

We manufacture and export quality screw conveyors, which are used as bulk material handling device. Our wide range includes well-designed and finely constructed screw conveyors in following specifications: Our wide range includes well-designed and finely constructed screw conveyor that is available in following specifications:

  • Capacity : 100kg/hr to 100 tons/hr
  • Lengths : 300mm to 30 metre
  • Size : Dia 4” to 24”
  • Types : Horizontal, inclined, vertical etc
  • MOC : MS, SS, Hard faced, mixing, circular troughs, or any other type the

Feeding Cum Return Chain Conveyors

We manufacture best quality return bagasse carriers / feeding cum return chain conveyors for handling loose and fluffy materials which are difficult to handle on belt conveyors or on any type of conveyor. We offer these conveyors for bagasse, Ground nut shells, bio mass fuels, wood chips, coffee beans or any such materials.

Apron Conveyors

We supply Apron conveyors for the different applications, ranging from coal, Iron ore, bauxite, Municipal waste and other such applications.

  • Available widths are from 200 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Capacity range from 1 TPH to 250 TPH.
  • Lengths from 5 Mtrs to 50 Mtrs.


Reciprocating Feeders

We offer reciprocating feeders wherein large volume of material to be fed are brought by gravity from a hopper or bunker. The material is unloaded on the reciprocating tray. The reciprocating tray is fabricated of quality steel plates and are lined by UHMWPE or Stainless steel plates. Perfectly designed features permits low power drive with optimum performance.

  • Capacity ranges : from 1 TPH to 200 TPH
  • Feed regulation : By variable Frequency drive

Vibrating Tray Feeders

We supply vibrating tray feeders for different applications. We offer these feeders out of MS, SS or specially lined materials. The robust and sleek construction enables us to offer best quality and performance in feeding applications. The capacities available are from 1 TPH to 200 TPH. Installations may be below silo or discharge from any equipment.

We also offer Vibrating conveyors for similar applications.

Screw Feeders

We design, manufacture and supply all kinds of screw feeders for variety of usages. These are available from U trough, Cylindrical, or any type and material of construction.

  • The capacities available are from 1 TPH to 250 TPH.

Rotary Air Lock

Rotary air locks / vane feeders are most commonly used equipment when air is to be sealed against discharge of material from hoppers or bins. We manufacture best quality Rotary valves for all types of applications. We offer them in MS, SS or CI construction.

  • Size : dia. 4” to 24”.
  • Capacity available : 100 kgs / hr to 100 tons / hr

Belt Feeders

Belt feeders are very commonly used for unloading of bins or silos. This is a versatile equipment used in stone quarries, mines, iron ore mines or on other such applications. We manufacture best and heavy duty belt feeders.

  • The capacities available are from 10 TPH to 500 TPH.
  • Available belt widths are from 300 mm to 1500 mm.

Bagasse Feeders

We are in the market for supply of best quality feeders for bagasse, biomass husk or wood chips etc. These are normally used for feeding bio fuel to boilers. We have specially designed feeders for these applications. We offer special bearings, specially designed vanes and body to stand the rugged functioning of this equipment.

  • The capacities available are from 1 TPH to 15 TPH.


Swing Hammer Open Bottom

We are in the business of crushers and are manufacturing specially designed and latest technology swing hammer open bottom crushers. These are normally used for grinding of coal, iron ores, gypsum, and lime stone etc. This is medium RPM equipment, and consumes approximately 1 HP per ton crushing power. Specially designed breaker liners from High manganese steel, Special grade steel side liners, High manganese bitters and best quality bearings makes it the best and most efficient machine.

  • The available capacities are up to 50 TPH.

Ring Granulatores

The ring granulators are most widely used as primary grinding equipment, where size reduction before fine grinding is necessary. We also recommend this equipment for crushing of coal / lime stone for gasifiers and kilns. Being slow speed equipment, this generates less amount of dust if compared to other crushers. Ultra heavy duty breaker liners, Robust construction, and sturdy design makes it un-beatable equipment in all types of seasons and operations. Extra heavy duty bearings, Ultrasonically tested shaft and best quality high manganese steel makes is ultimate equipment.

  • The available capacities are from 10 TPH to 100 TPH

Swing Hummer Grizzly Bottom

Swing hammer grizzly bottom crushers are used when the output particle size of the product is fixed. This is quite similar to a hammer mill, which is further refined by installing heavy duty mesh under it. The material is grinded until the specific size is obtained. The sized material falls out of bottom grizzly. We offer input size up to 150 mm and out put size from 6 mm to 25 mm. This is a medium speed equipment and operates on approx. 600 RPM.

  • The capacities available are from 1 TPH to 25 TPH.

Bagasse Bale Breakers

We manufacture Bagasse bale breakers for breaking of bagasse bales in to fluffy mass by dis-integration. We offer single stage and double stage models.

  • The available capacities are from 1 TPH to 15 TPH.

Gates, Valves & Dampers

We manufacture all kinds of pneumatic and manual actuators and dampers for different applications. Control gates from 100 x 100 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm. These are with single screw, double screw, rack and pinion or any other type the client demands. We supply butterfly valves from dia. 100 mm to dia. 1000 mm. , we also manufacture any kind of diverters for gas and air lines or for the solids material flow.

  • The available capacities are from 1 TPH to 15 TPH.


conveyor pulleys and bucket elevator pulleys

We manufacture all types of pulleys for belt conveyors and bucket elevators. All the pulleys are manufactured from heavy duty ERW / SEAMLESS pipes for suitable applications. These are perfectly machined on CNC machines, and balanced for dynamic stability. We manufacture them out of MS, Stainless steel, PVC coating, Rubber coating, and chrome polishing as the case may be. Belt conveyor pulleys : These are available from 165 mm dia to 600 mm dia. and widths are from 200 mm to 2000 mm. Bucket elevator pulleys : These are available from 300 mm dia to 1000 mm dia. and widths are from 200 mm to 1000 mm. Special purpose application pulleys for non-clogging applications are also available. Welded shafts, bushed housings and taper lock application are available on choice.

screw conveyor flights

We offer screw conveyor screws and flights for suitable replacements. We also offer screws for screw feeders for boilers and other applications.
Screw flights from dia. 4 inch to 24 inch and pitch as per clients requirements. Available from MS, SS, Poly urathene, segmental and other such applications. Also available with hard facing, FRP lined and other similar applications.

Idlers Rollers And Pulleys.

We supply Idlers, Rollers, pulleys and other such spares for belt conveyors. They are available in different specifications. Suitable for -

  • Belt widths : 300 mm to 1500 mm.
  • Diameter : 60 mm to 220 mm.
  • MOC : MS, SS, HDPE, UHMWPE, Rubber lined, and other such applications.
  • Idler frames : Suitable for 300 mm to 1500 mm belt width and for different troughing angles.







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